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Meet Your Local Leaders

The best people to show you the heart of a destination are the ones that live there, which is why we choose to use local leaders. Who better to accompany and lead our tours than an English-speaking local travel expert that speaks the local language and who is familiar with the places you'll visit on tour. Our Local Leaders are much more than your typical tour leader - they are the link between you and the people and places you're visiting. We are very proud that the majority of our Local Leaders are women.


Arctic and Antarctica

Shoshanah - Polar Local LeaderShoshanah - Polar Local Leader

Shoshanah earned a doctorate in marine biology studying seabirds and how climate change was likely to affect their ability to reproduce. Her field work brought her to Canada’s high and low Arctic regions, where she became drawn to polar expedition traveling. With a keen sense for logistics and extensive safety training, Shoshanah left academia after graduation and began leading expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic, where she has lead over a hundred trips.

Since 2013, Shoshanah has been teaching, inspiring students, and continues to study seabirds on a field site off the coast of Alaska. She continues to guide expeditions as often as she can, knowing that the future of our world’s most fragile places rely upon finding a place in all our hearts.



Darith - Local Leader CambodiaDarith - Local Leader Cambodia

My name is Darith and I was born into a poor family in Siem Reap.
I very much wanted to attend University but did not have the resources to do so. While working as a taxi driver, I met two American tourists who believed in the power of education and who came to believe in me. The couple paid my university tuition every year for four years.

After I graduated, I studied to become a fully accredited tour guide and I have been showing the wonders of Angkor temples to visitors from all over the world since 2007. I have never forgotten the help I received and with the income from my work and the generosity of many of my visitors, I started a school in my village in 2014, accepting all children regardless of their ability to pay.



Ngoc - Vietnam Local LeaderNgoc - Vietnam Local Leader

"Xin Chao” I am Ngoc , I was born with the dream to travel, to learn, to talk, and to share. Becoming a tour guide exactly fulfills my dream. This job rewards me with the opportunities to open my mind to new places, to different culture, to learn from friends worldwide, and to proudly show you how beautiful and friendly Vietnam is. To feel Vietnam in full, the only one way is just hit the road and explore the country. Feel with your eyes and your heart in your own way. I am here to assist you and to make your trip to Vietnam the most remarkable holiday.



Tanita - Thailand Local LeaderTanita - Thailand Local Leader

My name is Tanita. I have been a tour guide for more than 7 years. I can speak English very well and the local language in Chiang Mai. Traveling is one of my great hobbies and I am lucky enough to work at the same time.

Thailand is a destination for everyone. It doesn't matter if you travel with family or friends you will find activities for you, from adventurous to relaxing, from budget to luxury.  To feel Thailand in full, the only one way is just hit the road and explore. And don’t forget to try some delicious Thai food. I am here to assist you to have the most remarkable holiday