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Our Story

With over 50 years of travel experience combined, Jeff Pychel and Hanya Vujcuf offer women the choices

to make their travel dreams a reality.

Jeff Pychel

President and Founder

Jeff PychelMy affection for travel began while growing up in Niagara Falls and traveling across Canada by rail on the "Canadian" as a child. I started working at 14 as an elevator operator in the iconic “yellow bug” at the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls. My time there allowed me to interact with visitors from around the world and dream about travelling to faraway places.

After highschool in the mid 80's, I continued my career in service and hospitality working as a hairstylist, personal chef, house manager and various other positions in the hotel and food & beverage industries.

It wasn't until 2008 that I decided to pursue a career in travel. I began working with Debbie Lloyd, the owner of The Travel Broker and played a major part in the redesigning of her travel brands and websites. About a year later I would also obtain my TICO (The Travel Industry Council of Ontario) certification and begin to work as a travel consultant and tour coordinator.

During the summer of 2010 a dream of visiting the Arctic would became a reality when I accepted a position as an assistant hotel manager with Cruise North Expeditions. I worked and travelled extensively throughout the Canadian Arctic and Greenland, with a major highlight being the historic voyage through the fabled "Northwest Passage".

On my return to land I focused mainly on tailor-made travel and small group tours for women throughout Asia, Europe and Africa with Canadian Woman Traveller – now Today's Woman Traveller. Another dream was realized when I traveled to Antarctica in March 2015. The experience would forever change my life and result in my decision to further specialize in polar and safari travel.

In September 2015 after working and collaborating with Debbie Lloyd for over 7 years, it was time to move on. It was a few months later when I met Hanya Vujcuf, owner and founder of Design Travel Ltd and proposed to her my concept for women's travel called "Woman's Odyssey". I am truly looking forward to what the future has in store.

Hanya Vujcuf

VP and Managing Director

Hanya VujcufMy love for travel started in 1958 during a family vacation to Australia. Who would have thought that 59 years later I would be getting ready to celebrate 40 years in the travel business?

After attending travel school in the late 70’s, my first job was organizing tailor-made travel arrangements for corporate executives to the Middle East and Europe. During this time I also arranged group ski packages for adults and students to Canada and the USA.

In 1978 my lifelong love affair of everything Latin began while selling packages to Cuba. Two years later in 1980, I decided to invest and partner in a Travel Agency / Wholesale company that specialized in Latin America and started to market and promote tailor-made specialty Latino packages to travel agencies and agents throughout Canada and the USA. We introduced tours including diving to the Galapagos Islands and sold Machu Picchu packages at a time when there were only 9 rooms available to book in one of todays most popular and sought after destinations.

I decided to go it alone in 1983, when I opened my own travel agency, which I named “Design Travel”. I continued offering packages to Latin America and began specializing in diving packages and corporate travel. During this time I was also arranging worldwide conferences and incentives for my corporate clients. Years later I would expand my business and open up agencies in both Panama and Cuba that specialized in tailor-made biking, diving, fishing and kayaking packages. Over the years I have been recognized and referred to as the “Latino Specialist” and “International Dive Expert” as well as the “Cuba Queen”.

In December 2015 when contemplating retirement, travel consultant and tour coordinator Jeff Pychel approached me with his concept for women's travel called “ Woman’s Odyssey”. His idea of offering small group tours and tailor-made travel exclusively for women intrigued me enough to halt my retirement plans and continue on in the industry that I loved so much. I am extremely excited of what is ahead.